Track Info

Living Sky Casino Speedway is 1/4 mile inside, just short of 3/8 mile outside. The back straight and all turns are 22 meters (72 ft) wide, the front straight is 24 meters (78 ft) wide, 9 degree slope on 3/4 of the corners going to almost flat straights, 10 degree back slope on corners.

The front straight is bordered by 700 ft of 36″ pipeline pipe, 3/8″ wall:  230 ft down the inside of the straight to protect the rodeo chutes and 470 ft to protect the grandstand and steel fence.

So far about 250 tires have been placed to protect key points and the pits at the south end at corners 1 and 2.

The stands hold about 2,500 people and have an incredible view of the track. The top 2/3 have an awesome view of the pits and the entire enclosure.

Cars enter along the back straight and exit on the front straight just before corner 1.


The track is located in the Southeast corner of Swift Current, just south of the railway tracks. If you are coming as a fan to watch the excitement, you’ll turn into the Kinetic Exhibition Park at South Railway St E and 17th Ave SE.

Drivers can access the track entrance one block east on 18th Ave SE.